27-29 Avril 2021 \\ ENSAIT \\ ROUBAIX 
New Generation Textiles & Process

Programme des conférences

Jour 1

9h30-10h : Introduction


10h-11h : Innovations in Textile Chemistry - Plenary Conferences

  • Collaborative innovation for future textile: A new paradigm and a fantastic opportunity

Louis VOVELLE, Techtera, France

  • Sustainability of resources and readiness to follow Circular Economy - the existential tasks of TC

J. MAREK, et al., INOTEX,  Czech Republic


11h-12h30 : High Performance Textiles - Flame Retardancy

  • Fire resistant flax composites with low environmental impacts

Marc VANHOOMISSEN, Veramtex, Belgique

  • Flame retardant textile finishing chemicals assessment: in vitro dermal absorption and thermal analysis

Meritxell MARTÍ et al., IQAC-CSIC, Spain

  • Graft-copolymerization of vinyl monomers for intumescent flame retardant cellulose fabrics

Giuseppe ROSACE et al., University of Bergamo, Italie

  • Improvement of the flame retardancy of cork by phosphorylation – Application to artificial turf structures

Angeline PATUREL et al., University of Lille, France


12h30-14h : Lunch Break & Poster Session


14h-15h30 : Green Chemistry and Biotechnologies - Sustainable Dyeing

  • The ultimate ecological processing of denim

Hartmut BEHNKE, DYSTAR, Germany

  • Thermal stability of natural dyes lakes

Huong Lan NGUYEN et al.,  University of Innsbruck, Austria

  • Dyeing of cellulosic fibres by dyes obtained from biosources

Gabriela MIJAS et al., INTEXTER-UPC, Spain

15h30-15h45 : Coffee Break & Poster Session


15h45-17h15 : Green Chemistry and Biotechnologies - Sustainable Coating and Finishing

  • Smart chemistry with character - from the vision of a sustainable future to specific products and processes

Andreas TROSCHEIT, CHT, Germany

  • UV curing of highly filled polymer coatings

Alexander SCHMALZ et al., Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany

  • Functional finishing of cotton fabric by water-based formulations of sol-gel premodified polysaccharides

Lenka MARTINKOVÁ et al., INOTEX,  Czech Republic

  • Present Situation of Supercritical Fluid Dyeing and Finishing in Asian Countries

Teruo HORI et al., University of Fukui, Japan

Jour 2

8h30-9h : Green Chemistry and Biotechnologies - Plenary Conference

  • The Archroma Way Color Source : an infinite flow colors engineered to bring your inspiration to life into achievable and sustainable designs and collections

Christophe MAESTRIPIERI, ARCHROMA,  Switzerland

9h-10h30 : Durability and Circularity - Chemicals and Environment

  • Overall industry perspective on chemicals policy

Dunja DRMAČ, EURATEX, Belgium

  • Tackling the formaldehyde challenge: new latex binder innovation for technical textiles

Daniele ZIMMERMANN,  Synthomer, Germany

  • Quantitative comparison of toxicity impacts from waterborne and solvent-based PU coating

Sandra ROOS et al., RISE Research Institute of Sweden, Boras, Sweden

  • Natural antimicrobials for functionalizing polyester textiles: methods and toxicological comparison.

Nemeshwaree BEHARY et al., ENSAIT/GEMTEX, France


10h30-11h : Coffee Break & Poster Session


11h-12h30 : Session A

Green Chemistry and Biotechnologies - Sustainable Coating and Finishing

  • Novel liquid CO2-technology for the treatment of textile

Michiel BREWEE, Decontex, Belgium

  • The development of a combined technology of dyeing and biocidal finishing of cellulose textile materials

Kudaibergen ZHANSAYA, Almaty Technological University, Kazakhstan

  • Hydrothermal de-wrinkling of textile surfaces

Lina BEN HASSINE, LPMT, Mulhouse, France

  • The effect of weight per square meter of cotton fabrics on durable press finishing with 1, 2, 3, 4 butanetetracarboxylic

Eva BOU-BELDA et al., Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain


11h-12h30 : Session B

High Performance Textiles - Smart Textiles

  • Melt spinning of multifilament filled with nanoparticles for textile reflecting human body infra-red

Joseph LEJEUNE et al., ENSAIT/GEMTEX, France

  • Novel flexible aerogel fiber constructed from p-aramid nano fibrils

Kazumasa HIROGAKI et al., University of Fukui, Japan

  • Fabrication of polymer/copper composite yarns for smart textile applications

Ezgi ISMAR et al., ENSAIT/GEMTEX, France

  • Investigating ionic liquid-based click-ionogels by thiol-ene photopolymerisation onto textile yarns/fibres

Claude HUNIADE et al., University of Boras, Sweden


12h30-14h : Lunch Break & Poster Session


14h-14h30 : High Performance Textiles - Plenary Conference

  • Capture and pilotage of drops on a fiber

David QUERE, ESPCI  & École polytechnique Paris, France


14h30-15h30 : Durability and Circularity - Biomimetism

  • Controlled generation of structural effects on color and conductivity of textile coatings

Justus LANDSIEDEL et al., University of Innsbruck, Austria

  • Surface color on demand: chameleon effect

Karine MOUGIN et al., IS2M, Mulhouse, France

  • Eco-designing innovative and smart textiles with bio-inspiration: benefits and obstacles



15h30-15h45 : Coffee Break & Poster Session


15h45-17h15 : Session A

High Performance Textiles - Nano and Micro encapsulation

  • Biofunctional textile for skin drug delivery by nanoparticles finishing. A comparison among hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs

Daniele Massella et al., Politecnico di Torino, Italy

  • Facile in-situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles useful for coloration and Functionalization of cellulose based textiles

Shahid UL ISLAM et al., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

  • Functionalization of Poly (Ɛ-caprolactone) filaments with encapsulation

Figen SELLI, Gokhan ERKAN et al., Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

  • pH-sensitive textile based on curcumin microcapsules



15h45-17h15 : Session B

Durability and Circularity - Recycling

  • Nonwoven textiles from biogenic chicken feather wastes: sound absorption properties and environmental impact

Marta CASADESÚS at al.,  Polytechnic University of Catalonia , Spain

  • Thermal and hydric characterization of innovative insulation material from recycled textile

Oly VOLOLONIRINA et al., HEI – YNCREA H-d-F, France

  • Sustainable recovery process orange peel-based for disperse dyes of textile industry effluents

Marta RIBA-MOLINER et al., Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

  • Decolorization of the reactive dyed cotton fabrics with the use of ecotechnology and assessment using Life cycle assessment (LCA) tool

Ajinkya SUDHIR POWAR et al., Technical University of Iasi, Romania

Jour 3

08h30-09h : Durability and Circularity - Plenary Conference

  • Creating a sustainable future. Empowering smarter choices

Lee HOWARTH, Hunstman, Switzerland


09h-10h30 : Green Chemistry and Biotechnologies

  • Development of Reactive Dyes for Sustainable Textiles through ERC Solution

Wenjang CHEN, EVERLIGHT, Taiwan

  • Studies on denim washing with enzyme

Arun PATRA et al., Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute, India

  • Easy process for durable Flame Retardant cotton

 Rule Niederstadt, Ecoatech GmbH, Germany

  • Preparation of Kazakhstani bast fibers for effective use in various industries

Saule RAKHIMOVA et al., Almaty Technological University, Kazakhstan


10h30-11h : Coffee Break & Poster Session

11h-12h10 : On demand production

  • Do we need urea replacement in inkjet printing?

Sylvia HANE, TANATEX Chemicals B.V.

  • Digital plugin for on-demand production

Marc VAN PARYS, Unitex, Belgium

  • A novel and sustainable technology for development of durable and flexible smart textiles: 3D printing onto textiles